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We are the family behind the scenes of Boerne Handmade Market, and we want you to have the opportunity to know us better.

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Meet the family behind the scenes at Boerne Handmade Market


Hi, I'm Beth Legge!


In 2015, I was invited by my friend, Alyssa Mantooth, to co-organize my first Boerne Handmade Market:  A seemingly daunting task that quickly became a huge, cherished part of my life. Alyssa and I spent four fun years together, organizing this market, then she and her family moved back home to Indiana.


Since then, my family has taken sole-ownership of BHM, which has SUCH a special place in my heart. I truly love all our amazing vendors and have a blast getting to visit with the community!

I hope you'll join us at the next BHM and find me to say hi...I'd love to meet you and talk all things handmade!


Q.  Where is Boerne Handmade Market Located?

       A. The Cana Ballroom, 202 W. Kronkosky, Boerne TX


Q. When is Boerne Handmade Market?

       A. BHM occurs twice a year; spring and fall. Our next market is scheduled for November 17-18, 2023


Q. How do I become a vendor for BHM?

       A. Please check our "Become a Vendor" page. 


Q. How do you select vendors for BHM?

       A. We select a panel of jurors from all different backgrounds and with all different tastes, who jury each vendor's work. Please keep in mind that we have a cap of 8% of like-themed vendors; meaning, we will not have more than 8% jewelry (or bath products, or signs, etc.) at each market. Sometimes this means we have to narrow down 40 baby clothing vendors to 6 or 7. It is very difficult, and we hope that you know we so appreciate your interest in BHM and we truly understand the time and effort that goes into each product. Just because you are not selected for this market, does not mean you won't be selected for a future market.


Q. I'm a shopper, What's the price point for items for sale at BHM?

       A. We generally tell our vendors that they will do best selling things around the $10-$50 dollar mark. Some vendors will have larger pieces that will obviously cost more, but most items will be in this window.


Q. Is it free to get into Boerne Handmade Market?

       A. There is a $5 entry fee for adult shoppers and kids 12 and under are free.


Q.Is there food available at BHM?

       A. We have vendors selling edible items and food trucks, too.


Q. Are dogs (or other animals) welcome at BHM?


       A. No, since this is mainly indoor, pets are not allowed. Service animals with proper registration are welcome. 


Q. I'd love to sponsor BHM. How do I go about doing this?


       A. We'd love to have you! Email us: and we would be thrilled to send you more information. 


For more information:  Email or visit us on Facebook.

planter and succulent from boerne handmade market vendor Meechi ceramics


Event Organizer: Beth Legge

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