BHM Kid Market

will be held again May 1, 2021



 1. All items for sale in the booth must be completely handmade by the kid crafter, or group of kid crafters.

2. Kids must be between the ages of 6-14.

3. Each booth must have a sign stating the booth name.

4. All items must be clearly marked with price (and ingredients if food)

5. Eye catching displays are encouraged!

6. All food items must have a list of all ingredients.

7. To register, email with subject line "kid vendor" with photos of your items and info about you! We will then email you the registration link (as long as we do not have multiple booths selling the same thing), we will email back upon acceptance. 


Parents, your help is welcomed and encouraged with buying supplies, transportation, booth set up and online research/communication, but please allow your children to completely make all items that are for sale on their own. If we feel this rule has been broken, we reserve the right to not accept the kid crafter. 


Kid crafters should have their own market set up, tables and chair are not available for use at The Cana Ballroom. Kids are responsible for having a way of accepting payment (change for cash) and we always tell vendors it's a great idea to get a Square so that credit cards can be accepted. These are free, go to and they will mail you the device which plugs into any smart phone. It's pretty easy and we are more than happy to help with this. Kid market will be outside on a non-covered patio, we will not have tents available, and these must be provided by the kid vendor if needed. 


Kid Market booths are $25 each. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us