Falling in love with Boerne Handmade Market!

There are very few things that excite me more than new craft supplies. I think this probably stems from picking up one too many dried out marker, only to be disappointed the second it ruined my Disney coloring book with it's dried up smear. I LOVE a new pack of markers, or a fresh set of crayons, or even a new gel pen (yep, I went there). That's how I feel about the upcoming fall Boerne Handmade Market!

I know that I am not the only one gleefully counting down the days until October 25. Alyssa and Lindsey are also bursting with new, neon highlighter excitement! Ya'll! It's only 80ish (too lazy to do exact math) days away!

This will be my first BHM to be a part of, and I could honestly stay up all night long finding new and exciting ideas or googling our already signed up vendors. I hope that ya'll are hot-gluing your little fingers to burnt crisps getting those gorgeous goodies ready for the buying! I can't wait to meet all of our awesome vendors and to meet(slash race to the goods!) all of our shoppers!


If it's not on your calendar, what the heck are you doing still reading this? Put it on your calendar! Preferably in a new, pink glitter, gel pen. The countdown has officially begun, folks!


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