Tattoos & Love Letters

For the first of our BHM Vendor blogs, we are thrilled to bring you

~Tattoos & Love Letters~

Ashley Bailey is the creative mind and hands behind Tattoos & Love Letters greeting cards. Ashley designs cards for wide audiences of both men and women. She tries to design cards that are relevant for mulitple occasions, making them very buyer friendly! Ashley considers herself extremely blessed to be able to work full time on something she is so passionate about and stays very busy designing, creating, filling orders and participating in shows across Texas.

Whenever she isn't making the perfect card for every occasion, Ashley can be found hanging out at Local Coffee at the Pearl brewery, visiting SAMA or at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. She loves to paint with water colors (some of which you can find on her cards!) and also enjoys brushing up on her photography skills with black and white film. Ashley and her husband also like driving to Enchanted Rock for hiking and nature gazing (Ashley, I'm the girl bent over huffing and puffing 10 feet from the base).

For fun, we asked Ashley who her dream client would be, she said she would love to see her cards in the hands of strong women, specifically, Mindy Kaling, Natalie Portman or Emma Watson (Hermoine!) ~Accio thankyou card!~

Ashley is bringing all of the old favorite cards as well as a TON of new stuff, including holiday (not just Christmas!) cards to the October 25 Boerne Handmade Market.

Make sure to put this date on your calendar, unfortunately, we muggles can't all use a summoning charm for our Tattoos & Love Letters cards!

*ALSO! Did we mention these cards are $ in, less than the crummy ones that take 30 minutes to settle on at Walmart?! Amazing.*

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