High Caliber taste!

Who's ready for something yummy? And, Just in time for hunting season!

The Santos' began making spices and rubs while living in Colorado. Lee Santos tells us that she grew up with a family of hunters and she wanted to come up with a way to make fresh game and fish even more delicious. Lee experimented with different recipes and ingredients and began bottling and selling her products with the help of her hunter husband.

High Caliber offers something for every meat you can imagine:

-Big Game Dry Rub, which is good on any type of red meats, burgers, or even veggie burgers or roasted potatoes.

-Small Game Dry Rub which is perfect for Turkey, chicken, pheasant, dove and anything smaller than a moose.

-Catch of the Day Rub, which I created for any types of fish, specifically, salmon, trout, shrimp, scallops, tuna, Mahi-mahi, tilapia and anything you can reel in.

-Jamaican Jerk Dry Rub which is a unique recipe Lee created after many trips to Jamaica (I'm sure this must have been awful....all those days eating delicious jerk chicken on the beach with a pina colada.)

-South of the Border Taco Spice which a great seasoning for taco meat, slightly spicy. And a perfect addition to the Santos' new state of Texas!

-Movie Night Popcorn Seasoning. It's a Cinnamon Kettle Corn popcorn topping that is sweet, salty and delicious. A perfect ending to a spice rubbed meal!

Lee claims that Jerk Chicken on the Grill is her signature recipe and she's been making for over 20 years! We don't know about ya'll, but we're secretly hoping she brings a grill along for samples!

Incase all of this isn't enough to have your mouth watering and your mind thinking of 100 different ways to use High Caliber; it's also famous! Willi Schmidt of Pure Hunting TV on the Sportsman's Channel featured High Caliber's Small Game Dry Rub on his season finale. Willi taped a turkey hunting episode in Montana for his final episode and at the end of the episode he pulled out the High Caliber dry rub for the turkey they had shot!

These rubs are super affordable, prices start at about $5, which sounds to us like the PERFECT stocking stuffer for the griller/chef in your family!

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