Gypsy June

Who’s ready for some fabulous jewelry and handmade coasters? Gypsy June is one of our new and fabulous vendors to the October 25 market!

Ally began beading jewelry when she couldn’t find the exact pieces she wanted in stores. Ally says she felt like the jewels she found were missing something or not exactly how she wanted them, so she began taking pieces apart and re-stringing them to better fit her need. Now, Ally goes to bead stores and shows all over Texas to find the perfect simple cut stones such as turquoise and magnesite to string together with beautiful crystals, making fun “Texas” type pieces.

Ally began making coasters as personalized gifts for friends and family. This grew exponentially when people would ask coaster recipients where they got those awesome coasters! Gypsy June is a hobby right now as Ally spends 98% of her time at nursing school and studying for nursing school. Most of the time, Ally stays up late at night to bead and craft. One of her first markets, Ally was so swamped with drawing blood and taking temperatures that she beaded the entire night before the market, graciously accepting the helping hands of her boyfriend and his mom. She said that although this was stressful, it’s one of her favorite crafting memories (and she sold out the next day)!

Ally hopes that she can grow Gypsy June by attending local markets. Dream clients would be Miranda Lambert and the Junk Gypsies, as they epitomize the style and sass these jewels are made after!

For the October 25 market, shoppers can look forward to necklaces and bracelets with new additions of earrings and some beautiful rings in the jewelry department. Ally is also learning new techniques using wire for a new line! Gypsy June will be bringing coaster sets with fun designs, sports themes and even some lace. Gypsy June is a perfect booth to add to your “Christmas shopping” list, with affordable prices and super cute finds!

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