Bent Nail Redesigns

If you love repurposed items, then Bent Nail Redesigns will be your favorite BHM booth!

One of the things we love most about the market is that each vendor brings fresh products and does their best to create new and different pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. Bent Nail Design will be joining us again this fall. Artist Becca Wooten says her booth will have redesigned goods for humans and homes . Becca says "My goods are primarily redesigned and revamped from vintage and natural items as well as new and old junk! I put my spin on everything which usually has a modern shabby aesthetic. I've always experimented with using things differently, and have always been a maker, but it was my lighting designs that really got me into selling. I'm very nostalgic and I like the idea of bringing our treasures out of storage and using in a different light. I also love to save things - if it has any life left in it, a landfill is not the right home for it!"

Becca's family has a history of repurposing, infact, her business name came from a box of bent nails her great grandmother had saved to straighten and reuse.

Becca hopes her customers can "find an emotional connection to her pieces, through a fond memory or happy association or just that serendipitous feeling you get when you stumble across something unexpected you love!"

Shoppers will find lighting, home décor, furniture, jewelry, and photography at Bent Nail Redesigns on October 25!

#lighting #repurpose

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