Lip Glosserie

We are excited to have Jinny from Lip Glosserie back at the market this fall!

Lip Glosserie is a female-owned small business based out of Austin, Texas. There is no big factory, there are no employees - there is only Jinny, the owner. These are all her original recipes. All the products are handmade by her. Everything you order is packaged and shipped by her. That is quite a one man show!

Lip Glosserie originally started out as a business selling imported cosmetics. More recently, however, after realizing that she had always been obsessed with stuff that smells good, Jinny decided to try making products. She spent months perfecting her vegan-friendly recipes and sells only the best so that when you receive your order, you'll not only be happy with what you've received but will look forward to trying out other things in the line. The line includes lip balm of various flavors and bundle of skin care lotions and creams.

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