Dream Corner Jewelry

Artist Shirley began her journey into copper art several years ago when she was laid off at her corporate job. After several months of inactivity she knew she had to do something and she preferred to nourish the long dormant creative side of her nature rather than go back into the corporate world of business. At the same time, she was looking to buy a shawl pin and a friend of convinced her that she could make one. So she bought a role of wire, made the pin and then thought... “what should I do with the rest of the wire?”

One thing led to another and walla, Dream Corner Jewelry was in business! Thus began Shirley’s life as a metal smith jewelry creator. She started small, doing mainly wire wrapping, but over the years has expanded her knowledge, skills and tools so that now she owns five torches, many many hammers and multiple pliers all to create that perfect piece of jewelry art. She says “I get to take out all of my life's frustrations by beating my copper with a hammer. I end up with some unique pieces that way!”

Shirley has recently begun exploring the world of copper sculpture and hopes to be able to delve deeper into that aspect of metal working in the near future. She also sometimes work with a partner, Iliana Briones Mendez, who paints on glassware. The Dream Corner Jewelry market booth will feature lots of one of a kind artisan copper jewelry with some hand painted glassware also.

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