Re-hemmed Aprons

Re-hemmed Aprons is bringing us some super cute aprons made of fun vintage fabrics! Shelly Laursen wanted to tell you her own story, and we were thrilled to oblige!

Roughly a year ago I wanted to do something with clothes in my closet that I no longer wanted. Donating was an option, but then I started thinking about recycling clothing. I've always loved retro and vintage clothing. I've collected aprons for years, and realized how easy and fun it would be to create one of a kind aprons, with a funky, unique flare to them. I wanted to do something with my mother, who lives in California. I thought it would be fun for both of us. With my creativity and her polished sewing ability, we could surely sew up some fun pieces. I began to send my mom skirts and dresses, along with buttons, trim and left over pieces. This

wasn't practical, as shipping costs are sky high these days. After she did a few aprons, she got me interested in sewing again.

I was a bit terrified of the big white machine, that I hadn't used in over 15 years, but started it up. I am now addicted to sewing. All of the aprons that my mom and I

sew have pockets with buttons and/or trim. I love pockets! And pockets with embellishment, well...I'm over the moon for them! Shortly after starting with up-cycled aprons, we began making new retro fabric print and denim aprons. Just

a few months ago, while visiting my parents I purchased some pretty and unique vintage aprons at various places. I was addicted to "the find" of more and more "true vintage" aprons and the stories they could tell if they could speak. I am proud to announce that this new category is now available.

We invite you to view and shop our aprons at

or on



My Mother and I offer four different types of aprons:

Up-cycled/Recycled, New Retro Print, Denim and our newest category, True Vintage.

Well Shelly, we can't WAIT to shop your cute aprons!

#aprons #vintage

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