I Love Pickles Co.

Returning to her 3rd market is I Love Pickles Co.! Each year our shoppers have loved the new patterns and stylish makeup brush rolls that she brings. If you have not seen her work you need to check it out. The seamstress behind the scenes is Austine. Austine says: “As a child I remember my mother sewing clothes, toys, dolls etc. and the fascination of creating something from nothing has always stuck with me. I knew I wanted to sew but handbags were already all over the market and after much convincing from my (now) finance I listed my first brush roll on Etsy in May 2014 and have now sold well over 1500!” Her dream would be for the line to be picked up by Avon or Mary Kay but for now she is doing pretty well with a feature on Jane.com that sold out her inventory in 12 hours!

I Love Pickles is truly a handmade business. Austine picks out colorful patterns that every woman can use and also keep on her vanity or makeup shelf as a pop of color. She does the sewing and her fiancé helps to press and package each shipment. The rolls can hold up to 15 brushes. If makeup isn’t your thing they could also store paint brushes, markers, knitting needles, etc. Her bag rolls are not only affordable but also designed to be stylish. She promises to offer craft show pricing at Boerne Handmade Market! What a great present for your mom, sister, niece, or girlfriend. What woman doesn’t love a new fun accessory to add to her makeup bag!

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