Time to relax

With all the shopping you're planning on doing at BHM, you're going to need some time to relax! Good thing Carol is bringing us some homemade hot and cold therapy wraps! Acuwraps are perfect for soreness, or for treating yourself during your morning coffee or tea.

Acuwrap was born from an urgent need need for to release and relax for better sleep. Carol suffered from psoriatic arthritis and sought a new way to find relief. Carol decided to try her hand at making a hot and cold therapy wrap. Most therapy wraps are too small, resulting in the entire sore area not being relieved at the same time, Carol made a wrap that fits perfectly onto the back and shoulders (or anywhere!) while still being small enough to store in a drawer. Carol made a wrap that is usable on the couch, in bed or sitting in a chair. Relaxation at the office anyone? Acuwrap can be used for a number of ailments, including sore muscles, stiff neck issues, arthritis diagnosis, and to sub in for that lazy partner that won’t give you a shoulder rub. Even pets have enjoyed these comfy creations! Make sure you stop by and pick up a wrap for you and some for Christmas gifts, Carol offers custom fabrics as well!

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