Tattoo's & Love Letters

We couldn't be more excited that Tattoo's & Love Letters is joining us again on April 18!

Ashley Bailey started Tattoos&LoveLetters in the fall of 2013 with the hope to create a wide collection of whimsical and witty greeting cards. Meant to say what they mean and mean what they say-short, simple, (& sometimes) sweet-with fun artwork included occasionally as well.

I hope my cards bring a laugh and a wide smile to someone’s face and are something they want to keep, even frame and hang on their wall. My cards start with a funny idea usually generated through daily conversation with friends and family, I then sketch out the layout and phrasing of the design, then move to using Adobe Illustrator and a graphic tablet and stylus for creating the final piece. I use my own handwritten font and hand illustrated designs for the artwork. After finalizing a piece, I print, cut, score, fold, and package all cards and art prints in my home office. I look to create pieces that will add color, light, and whimsy to someone’s home.

Make sure you stop by Ashley's super cute booth, we can't wait to grab more of these cards for our own collection.

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