Cheryl Lucas

We are thrilled to have Cheryl Lucas and her beautiful photography products be a part of our market. We can't think of a better way to celebrate spring than by sending her photo cards full of flowers and Texas to your friends and family. Cheryl sent us this-

I am excited to be part of your Handmade Market. I always feel inspired when surrounded by other artisans.

Did you see that? With our busy lives, it's so easy to walk past a moment of beauty. As a photo artist I like to capture the quiet moments in life. I gravitate toward still life in nature. I grew a real passion for art photography when I lived in Napa Valley and was fortunate to be part of the Napa Valley Photographic Society. I now hang my hat in Boerne Texas and you'll find me roaming the Hill Country seeking out my next quiet moment in life to photograph. I like to capture the raw beauty of nature in my lens and leave the digital age to another type of art form.

-Make sure you stop by and check out Cheryl's beautiful photographs that she has turned into useable art. She will be at BHM on April 18!

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