Naturally out of my mind

BHM is excited to welcome artists George and Kim Miller, here is what they told us about their art and what they are bringing on April 18.

Native Texans born and raised, George and Kim Miller began their journey together in 1978. Both come from artistic families and have been honing their talents in an array of mediums for many years.

Most recently due to an unfortunate accident while vacationing in Arizona, George and Kim found themselves looking for a new path. They decided to use their artistic talents to create items of jewelry, pottery, metals, woods, and other mediums.

George had begun many years ago making all the gifts that he gave his wife. Most of Kim’s jewelry, and furnishing around the home and garden were likely made by George. The name “Naturally Out of My Mind” was created with him in mind, no pun intended. Which refers to the fact that George likes to create with natural stone, wood, metals and clay, and the ideas come straight out his (and Kim’s) mind (s).

Check out more of George and Kim's work at

and be sure to check them out on April 18!

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