Beautiful Mutts

BHM is thrilled to have a new vendor that caters to your pet's style! Nicki Shinkle brings us Beautiful Mutts collars and wrote in a little about herself.

"Hi all!! We are super excited here at Beautiful Mutts to be apart of this fun event. I'll start off by introducing myself! My name is Nicki and I was born and raised a wyoming girl! Went to college in The Black Hills, SD. That's where I met my incredible husband and the journey of my little business started. Skip a few years, and now we are residing in the big state of Texas.

In 2012 we adopted our first dog together, Charlie. It didn't take long after that, that I wanted another puppy! If you knew me, you'd understand my puppy obsession! :) So we went to a local rescue called Oglala Pet Project, and adopted our sassy female, Abbie. I loved what OPP was offering our community so much, I didn't want to stop at just adopting. So I started to volunteer, but still felt like I needed to do more. That's when the idea of making dog collars came into play! I ended up making collars and donating money, and it was insanely successful! That's when I decided to open up my easy shop, and now it's all history!

In the mix of all of this we ended up adopting the sweetest kitty from OPP, wally, and in 2014 we saved a senior husky, now Ruby, from being euthanized here in Texas.

Still to this day I continue to donate to local rescues, as rescues will always be a big part of my life!

I look forward to meeting you all! "

make sure you stop by and meet Nicki and find the perfect collar for your furry friend!

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